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Walkways & Stairs

Nothing is more inviting than strolling down an elegant, intentionally planned walkway to welcome you home or escort you to your own backyard resort. From rugged pavers to vintage old world cut stone, Integrity Landscape & Design will design and create the appropriate Walkways & Stairs to any destination.

A thoughtfully planned and designed Walkway & Stairs will make any transition an important aspect to the beauty and function of the location they accompany.

The type of materials used to build the Walkway & Stairs of your project should compliment your home's architecture. From rustic cedar stairs to weathered stone landings each access is designed to be in keeping with your home's style.

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The approach to any home or outdoor area should be considered as an important aspect of any project. Thus it is imperative that a home's Walkways & Stairs are in the proper scale and function accordingly. Integrity Landscape & Design will design and create a solid Walkway & Stairs that lead you home.

Walkways & stairs that are specifically crafted for an area bring utility and beauty that invite you into your personalized outdoor room. Large or small, the proper Walkways & Stairs will create a visual interest for any size or length of project.

Our goal at Integrity Landscape & Design is to implement a project that is in-keeping with your home and setting while using the best materials suited for your project. Thus, we will recommend what Stairs & Walkways that are both sustainable and suited to your lifestyle.